Our commercial litigation and dispute resolution team provide precise and efficient advice to businesses and individuals in respect of all forms of commercial dispute. The ability to provide prompt advices to clients allows for the saving of time and money in order to allow our clients businesses to resolve disputes.

The commercial hub in the Royal Courts of Justice is designed to provide prompt access to the Court allowing complex cases to be heard more quickly and with extensive judicial involvement.

Alternative dispute Resolution

We at Diamond Heron try to resolve commercial disputes without the expense and stress of court cases by seeking to engage with alternative dispute resolution methods including:-

  1. Mediation 
  2. Arbitration
  3. Early neutral evaluation with judiciary

Our team has experience in dealing with the broad range of commercial disputes:--

  1. Banking
  2. Partnerships and director disputes.
  3. Shareholder disputes
  4. Farming disputes
  5. Employment disputes with employer and employee
  6. Contractual disputes
  7. Building disputes

We aim to allow you to run your business while we deal with the difficult or complex legal matters which can occur in every business.  If you require advice on any of these matters please contact the team who is led by Brian Cole as follows:-

Our Commercial Litigation Team