Initial Will Form

Please complete the form below and one of our solicitors will contact you to progress your will application.

Is the value of your estate in excess of £325,000.00 after payment of all debts and Mortgages?
If so it is possible for us to advise you on Inheritance Tax Planning.
Please read the notes below and select the Will which most suits your circumstances.
If you chose type B or C, please give Names and Addresses of Executors & Trustees & Guardians in the section below
Please advise us of any other individual circumstances which might affect the terms of your Will e.g. children of a former marriage/relationship, a disabled child, substantial lifetime gifts gifted in the seven years preceding this Will, you are divorced or separated, you are remarried, you have foreign property, you benefit from a trust arrangement etc. This list is not exhaustive but we need you to tell us full details of your personal situation. Please use the notes section below.
Please note this Will Questionnaire is to assist us in guiding you towards the correct Will to suit your circumstances but we will also discuss matters with you in detail at our meeting.

Type A – Will for Parents with adult children. If your children are all adults we generally draft your Will to gift all the assets to the surviving spouse on the first death and appoint the surviving spouse as Executor. If there is no surviving spouse the Will gifts all your assets to your adult children in equal shares. We simply appoint your children to act as your Executors on the second death.

Type B – Will for Parents with minor children. This is where your children are under 18 years of age and therefore are too young to manage any gift they receive from your estate. In these circumstances we write the Will gifting all the assets to the surviving spouse and then if there is no surviving spouse we appoint Executors and Trustees to manage the assets in the estate until the children reach the age you wish them to receive the funds e.g. 18, 21 or 25. You therefore need to decide who you wish to appoint as Executors and Trustees. Generally we require two Executors and two Trustees and they can be the same persons. In addition we suggest you express a wish as to who you would wish to act as Guardian for your children i.e. the person or couple the children would live with on a practical level if you were no longer alive.

Type C – A Will for a single person. To complete this Will we require from you the details of whom you wish to appoint as the Executor of the estate and who you wish to receive your assets as beneficiaries of the estate. An Executor can also be a beneficiary of the Will. We generally advise you to gift the assets away to your beneficiaries in percentage terms i.e. 75% or whatever percentage you choose to the person you wish to benefit the most from your estate and the remaining 25% to be divided between the rest of your beneficiaries. It is entirely your decision how you wish to divide up your estate. You also have to consider if the beneficiaries should predecease you where their share would then pass to i.e. to their children or to the other beneficiaries.